Tips on Weekend Getaway Deals

Weekend GetawayEvery one of your weekend getaway deal should be memorable and pleasurable. When it comes to finding an ideal weekend getaway deal, there are many options available. It depends a lot on the purpose of the getaway and time of the year. There are romantic weekend getaways where both can spend on a cruise or isolated island for almost every single weekend. This applies also to the honeymoon getaways that are popular among couples who would want to spend a romantic weekend all by themselves. Below are some suggestions of a getaway location choice depending on the specific months of the year. They are not necessary cheap weekend getaways, nevertheless it does provide some good weekend getaway ideas.

Weekend Getaway Period: January ~ February

Normally coincides with the New Year and Valentine’s day. Northern hemisphere is in the winter season and warmer climate is further south. This means Ski towns and ice hotels will be jammed packed, while the Caribbean and countries near the equator will be in high season. Best vacation places for local destinations include Florida, Arizona and Ski Resorts. Tropical destinations include Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and South America. Asia/South Pacific destinations include Maldives, New Zealand and Asia. Avoid Bermuda as it is cold, windy and limited activities.

Weekend Getaway Period: March ~ April

Spring is in the air. Northern hemisphere is cooler in low-lying areas. Best places for trips in local destinations include Las Vegas, Arizona, Washington DC and Southeastern States. Tropical destinations include Caribbean, Belize and South America. South Pacific include Australia and New Zealand. Avoid New England and Northeast US as they are prone to snowstorms or mud season.

Weekend Getaway Period: May ~ June

Season transitioning from spring to summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Flowers burst into bloom and travelers can enjoy warm days and cool nights. Some favorite spots include local destinations Canada, California and US Midwest. Tropical destinations of Caribbean and South America. Distant destinations England, Greece, France, Italy and Spain. Exotic destinations include Morocco to name a few. Avoid cities with Theme parks as school are out and so amusement parks will be crawling with kids. Unless it is the getaway for the family.

Weekend Getaway Period: July ~ August

Season moving from summer to autumn. Generally most desirable period for travel and most destinations are crowded. Recommended local destinations include Alaska, Northeastern US, State Fairs and USA Beaches. Tropical destinations include Aruba, Barbados, Curacao and Tahiti. Cool destination include Canada, Iceland and South America. Best time for a African Safari trip. Avoid Europe as it is crowded, hot and service can be slow (Europeans out for their own summer vacation). Avoid Caribbean as it is hurricane season. Southern US is hot and humid – take your pick.

Weekend Getaway Period: September ~ October

Autumn and trees transform into a foray of colors. Best native destinations include Resorts for Fall Foliage, New England & Northeast US, Western US, State Fairs and Canada. Tropical destinations include Aruba, Barbados, Curacao, Fiji, Central and Western Mexico. European destinations include England, Greece, France, Italy and Spain. South Pacific destination include Tahiti. Avoid hurricane stricken areas like Florida, the Eastern seaboard, the Western Caribbean, and Mexico’s Gulf Coast.

Weekend Getaway Period: November ~ December

Winter season – peak season for travel due to Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Make advance bookings to avoid disappointments. Ideal local destinations include Arizona, Southeastern US, Colorado and Ski Resorts. Tropical destinations include Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and South American, South Pacific destinations include Asia and Maldives. Avoid Bermuda as it is cold, windy and limited activities.

Special notes while planning for Weekend Getaway

It is really important to have a plan before you begin to search for the best and the most suitable weekend getaway packages with your partner, family or friends. You have got to know about your budget. If your expense is quite tight, then the best and the most suitable weekend getaway is to reside at house or go to the restaurants and watch favorite movies.

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It is not really difficult to get the best getaway hot deals because there are lots of online sites available. Some will give you some irresistible choice for a deal or weekend getaway specials not to be missed. By doing some research for your weekend getaway travel deals, you could have the most precious and valuable one.