[At the Sonic Boom] (Austin walks in and sees Ally surfing the Internet) Austin: Hey Ally, what are you looking at? Ally: I’m looking at some pictures. Austin: Cool! Why is there a picture of Dez sleeping with a kangaroo? Ally: Remember that kangaroo Dez ordered? He kept it as hit own pet. Austin: Oh okay. (Dez walks down the stairs) Dez: Hey that’s my kangaroo! Hmm I wonder what happened to it. Ally: He’s your pet right? How would you not know? Dez: Oh no the pet I was referring to was the camel. (Trish walks in) Trish: Guess what! Dez: You got a job? Trish: Like always. But no, I have great news! Dez: You found my kangaroo?! Trish: No! I have arranged a party for Austin and Ally’s first year as partners! Ally: Great! Austin: Awesome! Trish: And Dez, didn’t you lose the kangaroo after you dressed it as a dog and entered it at the dog show? Dez: I didn’t lose it, it ran away. Austin: So when is the party? Trish: Tomorrow at eight. I invited everyone who works at the mall! Ally: (Takes the guest list from Trish) The mall janitor? Seriously? Trish: When I said everyone I meant everyone! Austin: Wait, speaking of everyone, where is everyone? Dez: Yeah, where’s Lexi, Aaron, Tyler or Jen? (Lexi, Aaron, Tyler & Jennifer walks in) Ally: Oh look they’re right there. Lexi: What’s up? Trish: Party tomorrow! Jennifer: Hooray! Whose birthday? Trish: It’s a… (Trish gets interrupted when Demonica walks in followed by her two new assistants) Demonica: Miss me? Aaron: Sure! … Who are

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