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ok i would like to book a trip (hotel and airfare) to las vegas memorial day weekend…i live in new york…last month i found a great package deal on expedia for 530..(that’s airfare + hotel)…unfortunately it went up now..i should have booked it last month…i would like to spend anywhere between 500 to 600 on airfare and hotel…heres the info…

i would like to fly out may 22, 2009 (any nyc airport)
and return may 26th, 2009 (las vegas airport)

and i want to stay at the mandalay bay hotel…i dont like connecting flights so please no connecting flights and make sure its round trip…if somewhere can get me info on these dates and the mandalay bay hotel then i would really appreciate it..please send me the link and the source…i would give u 10 points for this!!!

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