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Weekend getaway while pregnant.. any suggestions?

So here goes…. My fiance is currently on vacation with his family in Florida and the Bahamas. I was all set to go with him until my doctor vetoed that idea for good reason (i am 31 weeks). Because of the cancellation fees and how much I know it meant to his family that he be there and also because this was an opportunity i knew he could not pass up.. i encouraged him to go. I did not want to be selfish… anyhow, I am extremely emotional about him being gone, which i knew would happen. Going from tears to anger that i cant be on vacation with him, and instead alone and stuck at work…

So, i have decided it would be nice to go away for the weekend with him when he gets back. The problem is because I am so pregnant i cant really think of anything to do that does not involve alot of walking or far travel. Any suggestions where we could go that would be relaxing/fun/romantic get away for someone just about 8 months pregnant? We live in Southern CA… OC area.

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    My father is constantly having affairs even though hes married to my mom what should i do?

    i found some cards and pictures of him with his girlfriend…….. and i constantly see his emails/ texts to other women he is involved with so many girls and everytime i think about it it gets me distracted and i feel really sad.. is that unusual? i have never told anyone… i think my sister knows to but not as much as i know.. he took one girl to europe, florida and on multiple weekend getaways. he even bought her a car and in a letter she thanked him for providing her with stability so she could finance her new apartment… what does that mean? how much money would that have been? i really dont know what to do… sometiems i think about telling him when hes mad at me but i dont want to destroy our relationshipp………. help

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      Manual or Tiptronic in L.A?

      So I’m looking into getting a car… Kind of going for the 2011 Volkswagen Golf 2dr 2.5 Litter Engine, but idk if I should get manual or Tiptronic. I’ve never driven a manual, but I’ve always wanted to learn. I’ve driven my friend’s 2007 Mercedes C230 which comes with tiptronic… When on Auto is fine, but on Tiptronic is kind of slow during the shifts… Also what about L.A traffic and hills? I’m from South Florida, I’ve driven all over the place and I don’t think traffic is bad at all unless there’s like a random thunder storm or a really bad accident on the highway… I’m going to be attending UCLA soon, so I’m moving to L.A. I will probably be living somewhere on West Hollywood, which is a relatively close drive to campus… Then the occasional weekend getaway (Beach, near by cities, etc) I enjoy driving, I find any excuse to get behind the wheel… Let me know any thoughts or opinions. Thanks

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        What's a good Travel Destination in the U.S.?

        Outside of the major, popular destinations (San Fran, Chicago, Las Vegas, NYC, Florida) what would be a good place for a summer, fun, long weekend getaway? Looking for suggestions in the U.S. only- beach not necessary. Hoping to get "different" locales with an even amount of cultural/dining/enterainment options. thanks!!
        Outside of the major, popular destinations (San Fran, Chicago, Las Vegas, NYC, Florida) what would be a good place for a summer, fun, three to four day, weekend getaway? Looking for suggestions in the U.S. only. No camping of any sort or somewhere that I would have to rent a car to get around. Beach not necessary. Hoping to get "different" locales with an even amount of cultural/dining/enterainment options. thanks!!
        PS- I live in San Diego.

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          east coast beaches blue waters?

          Need advice . trying to plan a long weekend getaway would like to know and beaches on east coast with blue water Other than Florida …. any suggestions ? Thanks !
          Need East Coast but thanks

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            Where to go for memorial day weekend getaway? I’m debating between Vancouver, Canada or Orlando Florida? I can’t make up my mind. Any advise on where it’s best to go for a weekend getaway 3 or 4 days from LA. Also, any ideas on how the weather i like in both cities? Thanks for your help!!! =)

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              My husband and I are doing a weekend getaway for our one year anniversary. We live in Florida and tempatures are usually at 60-70 degrees. We live near the beaches and we are doing the getaway right near the beach. So besides the obvious like walking on the beach at sunset, can you give me some romantic ideas? We a staying at a nice hotel and staying for the weekend. Please give unique fun and romantic ideas please?!?!¿¿¿

              The reason it is so cold is because its going to be during Feburary.
              Yes I am already doing the hot sensual bath tub with rose petals, a bed with a huge heart made of roses, and roses to the bed from the door. He also loves golf so late at night we are going to sneak out to the golf course and have sex….any other ideas. haha

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                I’d like feedback on Florida Keys hotels that resemble this: http://www.all-travel.com/images/uploads/BOR_100_616x493.jpg (minus the mountains of course)

                or at least this: http://www.elitemeetings.com/images/prop/icborabora2_l.jpg

                This is for a weekend getaway I’d like to plan. The only place I’ve found is Palm Island Resort in the Keys but that’s ,000,000/night, which, well…it’s a little out of my range.

                Anything better you could suggest for us non-celebrities? Thank you!

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                  …to stay check-in/stay alone? I could get parental permission and everything for them like a phone call or something and its their credit card but I need a weekend getaway somewhere warm. I would prefer anywhere in Florida or Phoenix, AZ but I’m open to pretty much anything.


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                    Florida weekend getaway help?

                    okay so i was having breakfast with my dad this morning and he asked me what i wanted to do during fourth of July since he nor my mom have to work that day and the day after. we thought about going to St.Augustine but since we live in Miami we didn’t want to spend the whole day driving, so what are some other things we could do or places we could see, if you are gonna say the beach try to make it somewhere isolated because i personally hate tourists which is why we aren’t just going to the beach. We want to try and keep it under 500 dollars. if you could give me a list of fun thing we could do or places we could visit.
                    thank you,

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