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This afternoon (Sunday) my boss’s boss calls me, asks if I have a minute, and then says she is afraid she has some bad news. Since she rarely ever calls employees at home, especially on a Sunday, naturally, my first thought is I am about to be told not to bother reporting in tomorrow, because I have been let go. She pauses for a minute, and in my mind, I am preparing myself for the bad news, wondering what it was I did wrong to have this happen and not able to think of a thing, and debating in my mind if I wait for my wife to get home (she and her mother were on a getaway weekend) to not upset her, or do I call her and tell her right away so as not to have this been a disturbing surprise when she walks in the door. When the boss finally speaks again, I find out the bad news is that one of my co-workers young sons met with his untimely tragic death yesterday, and she wants all of the staff to meet to go over how the schedules are going to change while my co-worker takes an indefinite leave of absence to deal with unexpected serious crisis. I hate to admit this, but for the first 3-5 seconds, my initial reaction was one of relief that I still had my job, and then I quickly turned to deeply grieving and hurting for my colleague and the horrible loss of her son. Have any of you ever had a similar relief/grief experience in a moment after you have received similar news?

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My fiance and I are looking to have a romantic weekend in Chicago but everyplace is so expensive! Does anyone roaming around here know of any romantic getaways (not bed and breakfasts, please) that have a jacuzzi suite? (In fact, I prefer it.)
Or a champagne and strawberries kind of deal?
Most places were like 0 or more a night and we can’t afford that. Any ideas?

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Purcahsed a big vera bradley bag a while back… wondering what pattern it is. I used to know… I’m pretty sure they don’t sell it anymore. This is a big tote bag, purchased for a great deal of money at Hallmark (who even makes them MORE expensive… ha!) I’m selling it… any idea how much to sell it for? It’s big (not purse size) but also not huge luggage size… could be used to a weekend getaway, etc. If anyone has a pricing range and also some info on the pattern, I’d GREATLY appreciate it. I imagine I can’t sell it for what it was sold (over 0) but any help, I’d love. I basically though want to know the BACKGROUND of this pattern.


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this link should work, sorry.


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My sister’s fiance is in the Air Force and has been court martialed, but he has been free to fly half way across the country to visit her twice, and once he has driven to meet her for a weekend getaway. If you are under a court martial are you allowed to leave the base? How about the state? I’m not sure he is being honest with her. He has exaggerated his situation to her in the past and I just want facts so she knows who she’s dealing with.
He hasn’t been to trial yet, but there is a date set. I’ve heard that if you have been court martialed you are restricted to the base, but I don’t know if that is true.

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Is this guy real?

I met a guy at a special occasion a couple months ago and since then we’ve been communicating. After several dates he wanted to make thing exclusive and take me on a weekend getaway. He seems genuine in many ways and I really like him. The thing is, he told me that he doesn’t have a ground line in his apartment, and that his work number is supposed to be strictly for business only. And I have yet to visit him at his place. My gut tells me that something doesn’t add up during our interactions (besides the phone number thing). So one night, out of dire curiosity, I conducted background checks on him. On one of the search engine his phone number came up under someone else’s name. On another one I’ve got nothing. Some other things happened and the situation got kinda dubious. I just want to make sure it isn’t me being too cautious because of my previous experiences dealing with a cheater.

What do you think?

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I was dating a guy for 2 1/2 months and we talked several times a day and saw each other several times week. Recently I’ve had concerns about the relationship he has with his ex, the mother of his child. He assured me that he wanted nothing to do with her. If I had questions he cleared them up. Last week I found out my name wasn’t in his phone, just my first initial. I asked about it and he told me I was making a big deal out of nothing. I know that when people just have initials in their phones, they are hiding something from someone. He spent the day with me saturday and showed me that my name was now in his phone and he told me that no one goes through his phone and that I was the only person he was seeing. We went to lunch, did laundry and talked about the wonderful weekend getaway we had the week before. The next day he called and said he was taking his daughter to Sesame place and her mom was going. I asked why he never said that his ex was going. I haven’t heard from him since.

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I met this amazing guy back in 2006. It was love at first sight, he was interesting and funny and talented and smart and kind and a million other great things…I could go on forever. Our first date was the coolest, everything he did was different and unusual, he picked a resteraunt that I would never think to go to and it turned out to be amazing. He introduced me to new movies,music, books, places, it felt like a whole new world opened up in front of me, like a fire started burning inside me…i felt life. We "dated" for 3 years, went on trips, watched movies, cooked dinner together, talked about everything, listened to music …I enjoyed his company but never knew for sure how he felt about me. "Talks" made him very uncomfortable which in turn made me uncomfortable so i stopped bringing it up. I got the impression he would rather be skinned alive than have the relationship talk so I just went silent about my feelings. I figured, why ruin a good thing? maybe he’s just not comfortable talking about his feelings. I always told myself that if he didn’t want to be with me all he had to do was tell me, just break up with me, guys do it all the time. We all know when it starts to go down, they start ignoring your calls, breaking dates, coming up with lame excuses, but this guy never did that. So i kept hanging out with him even though I wasn’t happy not knowing what my place was in his life. I was scared to ask him directly if he had any feelings for me because I was afraid the answer was going to be "no", I felt like it would be more painful to be without him than to deal with our "unknown" relationship status. So one fine August day in 2009 I had the bright idea of taking a trip to Keys, I gave him plenty of "outs" in case he didn’t want to go, I didn’t want him to think I was trapping him into something too romantic – especially since he seemed to keep his distance from that word around me. We went and the whole time I kept feeling this weird vibe from him, like he didn’t really want to be there ..idk. Feeling that made me nervous and anxious around him, I wanted him to have fun, I wanted us to have fun, but it seemed that no matter what I did it just wasn’t enough. I am seriously in love with this guy, and to see things slipping away right before my eyes threw me into a panic, so I had a few too many drinks during our little weekend getaway thinking it would help me relax but of course, it just made everything worse. I think it made him see me as weak person and just made him like me even less than before. We drove home the next day and I just wanted to get home and cry to let it all out. The next day I had this terrible feeling like i couldn’t breathe. So I decided to break up with him. I asked to see him but he said he was busy, so I just did it – I broke up with him over aol messenger. I didn’t think he would care since I didn’t think he was in love with me or anything, I would have preferred to do it in person but I felt like I was suffocating, I just had to do it so I typed out the words…I have a feeling you are not into me anymore and I think we should stop seeing each other before you get tired of me. He replied- "Unfortunately I agree with you". he didn’t even pause, didn’t even ask why. Just said agreed,instantly. I cried for a month, almost everyday, he told me he was sad and that i should let him know if i ever wanted to hang out as friends, but whenever i ask him to hang out he always says no. I don’t get it, we hung out for 3 years and he was able to drop it, just like that. No calls, no texts, no desire to see me. He still chats with me online, I stopped asking him to hang but I want to see him, I want to give this whole thing a proper burial. It’s important to me to tell him how I feel and I just need him to give me a chance. Is this weird? Is it weird to need to tell someone how you feel about them even thought they clearly don’t give a dam about you? I never told him I loved him or that I was crazy about him, I didn’t because I didn’t think he felt that for me so i didn’t want to risk making a fool of myself. But now, that’s all I think about, I just want to tell him I love him and that I miss him and that if I could I would do it all differently. The delusional part of me thinks that by doing that he might give me another chance. What do I do??? I really love this guy, help!

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I’m a young stay at home mom who has been married for 5 years. I have 5 small children who are my life (I had my first child when I was 17, and getting pregnant with that child literally saved me from myself).

For the past six months or so I’ve been having a lot of thoughts that have to do with me leaving my family. I’m pretty sure that I would never leave them, I would never want to devastate them and cause such chaos in their lives. What bothers me the most is not knowing why I think these things.

Some days I’m perfectly fine with being a stay at home mom, but other days it seems as if I get into a crazy sort of mood and it takes everything I have to make myself stay at home. I get restless and fidgety and can’t sit still. It’s like my mind is going a hundred miles a minute and all I can think about is leaving and doing something outrageous and out of character. I’m normally a pretty laid back person who tends to be very shy and modest. So when I say that I think about doing something outrageous and out of charcter – my thoughts usually involve getting wasted on alcohol and having sex with complete strangers, or finding someone who will disappear with me for a weekend getaway and just go wherever the wind blows us. I’m pretty sure that these aren’t normal thoughts for a married stay at home mom.

Typically, these moods don’t last for very long. Two or three hours at the most, occassionally it may last for an entire day. But it happens a lot, around 2 or 3 times a week. I’m worried that one day I might not be able to keep myself at home and I will end up doing something that I will most likely regret.

Anyhow, I’m just wondering if there is anyone else who feels this way as well, and if so, how do you deal with it?

Do you know of any good websites that could possibly help?

Here’s a few other details about me – I have had issues with depression most of my life, but currently I do not take any medication. I have moments where I am severely depressed, and then I’ll be fine for a few days, and then I’ll be just a little depressed. And somewhere amidst the good days and bad days, I’ll get into one of my crazy "wanting to leave and do something outrageous" moods. My poor husband (bless his heart), says that I have terrible mood swings. One minute I’m fine and then the next I’m up in his face yelling at him for no reason at all.

I’ve done some research on Bipolar disorders but I don’t think I would fall into that category since my "wanting to do something outrageous moods" only last for a couple of hours.

Any help or advice is appreciated. And I know that I shouldn’t be thinking these things…so please don’t leave any ignorant comments.

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My husband and I have had an argument and he is in denial about several things. He thinks I am being too emotional and refuses to see how his actions have affected me.

What strategies have some of you used to make your husbands aware of his mistaken ways?

This a general background overview to what we are going through:

We have been married for over 4 years. My mother-in-law has come for the holidays from overseas and he hasn’t seen her for a while. She is staying for three weeks in a hotel because I do not know her that well and have only met once in the past. She does not mind staying in a hotel and my husband told her that "it’s a cultural thing."

She has come around and is now much nicer to me than she was in the past when my husband and I were dating. For this reason I am spending a lot of time with her – almost comparable to the time that my husband is spending with her. We are very very hospitable, giving, nice, and loving towards her and she is more than happy with the way everything is being played out.

Before she decided to come, I have planned a weekend getaway to Niagara and I made reservations at the best hotel. I had to postpone the stay already once because my husband said that the “weather” wasn’t going to be in our favour since there was a snowstorm forecasted. This wasn’t a big deal since we were going there by train (not by car) and we weren’t planning to leave our hotel anyways since it’s cold outside and we have a view of the falls from our hotel room.

What made me completely devastated is that he asked that the trip be postponed again and he said that either I can go there alone or I can go with my friends. He also said that he feels “bad” that his mom is getting me “gifts” & “spending all this money one me.” For this reason it may not be good to leave her for the weekend (although she keeps on telling him to go, wants him to respect me and treat me properly). She is happy that we are married and doesn’t want to intrude.

I think that he feels indebted to her because she is taking us out for dinner. She is financially well-off and can afford it, but I am certainly not a materialistic person (and he doesn’t doubt this). I have savings of my own and do not need or want anything, and neither do I propose that I need anything. I am very appreciative of everything, thankful, respectful, and do not expect anything in return. If this is going to cause such a problem, I told him to tell her not to get me more things for Christmas & made up the story for him to tell her that my family wants to get me the same things (she was planning to get me a cell phone because I lost mine on my way to get her from the airport when she came a week ago).

I don’t think that my husband is handling the balance between marriage and family well. I don’t want to postpone the trip because my holidays will be over and I will be very busy once they are over. We never went on a trip before as a couple & we never really had a honeymoon either.

In all other aspects, he is a loving & caring person and we get along great together. He also has a ‘denial’ personality and won’t realize that he has hurt me a lot until some time passes by & once he forces himself to really think about things. He usually opts not to carefully analyze the consequences of his actions & finds it easier to believe that he’s right or that I am "mis-interpreting" what he said.

When I tell him how I feel, he tries to tell me that he didn’t want to make my feel bad, although he said what he said. He wants me to get over it quickly and “slide things under the rug.” He takes for granted that I will forgive and forget easily, but he wouldn’t dare to do the same thing to his mother – only to his wife.

What things can I do or say to wake him up and tell him this isn’t okay & treat me with more respect that he treats his family?
I was planning to use this trip to mend some things between us because we have had a rocky past couple of months & years. There was some mistakes on his part and a lot of dishonestly and some trust issues that he is apologetic for. We were also through a series of a lot of misfortune over the past couple of years (accidents, hospitalizations, health issues, many layoffs and job loses, debt, a lot of moving, lawsuits against landlords/employers, etc..you name it), which made it difficult on us, but we pulled through many of life’s major obstacles.

It seems that this Christmas has given us a moment of some sort of stability as a married couple before the holidays end and everything starts up again full-force. We may not be able to spend any vacation time together until next Christmas when we are both off at the same time. We only see each other 2-3 hours a day because of our hectic schedules. I wanted to use one weekend to reclaim some sort of hope for the future.

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Ok. I’ve been going out with this guy over 1 month now. We have a great time and a lot of fun when hanging out and I really enjoy his company. He has told me he is talking to/ seeing other women but he really likes me and enjoys spending time with me. We have kissed and made out but not gone all the way. He said sex is not really a big deal for him because he wants to make sure there is and emotional connection between us. He is taking me on a weekend getaway to a timeshare this weekend.

What do yall think. Is he genuine and sincere about being with me or just trying to get the nucky?

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