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My brother and his girlfriend of a few years recently split. He was going to a wedding and needed a date. I was visiting with a friend of mine and he asked if she might accompany him as a favor. She agreed. I felt a little uncomfortable with the arrangement, but decided to suck it up since it was a one time thing. He lives out of town so she was going to drive up that morning to spend the day. It was a non- alcoholic afternoon wedding. I called her the night before the wedding and she didnt answer. The next night she called me. Apparently she slep over the night before the wedding and was going to stay over that night as well. (You know, because of the distance, she said) It’s a 2 and half hour drive. During our conversation I heard her turn to him and ask "What Babe?" I was bothered but decided to wait until she was home to talk about it. When she got home I explained to her how unconfortable I was with their "weekend getaway" and how I should have been more upfront with my feelings from the start. She claimed it was nice to get away for the weekend and strictly a friend thing. Basically, I bought it. I spoke briefly with my brother and he acted like it was no big deal, claimed I overrracted. We all moved on.

Now, 2 weeks later. I find out that they have continued speaking and she spent the night over there again recently. When I confronted her she said she had been under alot of stress lately and his company was comforting. I was floored. I thought she knew how I felt and understood. My brother said he was sorry and thinks that’s enough for me. Currently, I am not on speaking terms with either of them. Where do I go from here?
I had hoped not to have to list this. My main problem is that she has Herpes and HPV. It doesn’t affect how I feel about her as friend, but I certainly don’t want that for my brother. I know in the past she hasn’t been up front with men about it. I’m worried, for his sake.

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Time appart. Is it as important?

My wife’s going to a big city for a weekend vacation with her friends from work. She won’t help plan a weekend getaway with me. The last time I tried she insisted we take the kids so I’m feeling a little bitter. What would you do? How would you deal with life like this?
After all the years together like in Gary’s relationship it has come to this. She doesn’t have a sex drive anymore and I think its part of the reason. I guess people grow apart after a while. Since she told me about her planned trip I told her I was taking out the same amount of cash for myself. I’m starting a bank account so I can save up & get the hell out of town the next time she forgets the priorities in our marriage. I now know why some men stray. I used to hate them, but now I find I can empathize with them. Sad really. Thanks for the advice all.

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My Father in law died this past June and all I have tried to be was supportive of my husband and listened when he needs to talk. I have been with him every weekend he was clearing his dads stuff out and supporting him with all the drama of the stepmom and his mom with life insurance and personal belonging issues…. I have been trying to do everything I can to keep kim happy in this very tough time for him. I took him out in a limo one night, basically have dropped my whole life to try and give what he needed.
Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversery. This past weekend I surprised him with a (hoping to be romantic) weekend getaway and all he wanted to do was sit around, watch tv, and go shopping at sporting good stores even though we were at one of the most beautiful lakes and areas around. I let him do that, trying to just give him what he wanted again!
Yesterday, I washed his classic car and dressed it up like it was on our weeding day so we could take it to dinner that I also surprised him with. It was at his moms so he didnt see it when he got home. When he got home, I had set up in the bedroom a cake that i had to look like our wedding cake, with rose petals and wine, and played our wedding song and asked him to dance. he stood there with a frown the whole time. At the end of the song, I asked what was wrong. He said the cake reminded him of his dad, cause his dad kept our top layer in his freezer for the 1st year…. I WANTED THE CAKE TO REMIND HIM OF ME AND OUR SUPPOSEDLY HAPPY MARRIAGE!!!
So That was part 1. Then he takes of his uniform and puts on a collared shirt and jeans(he usually just wears tshirts)… I ask him why he is putting that shirt on. He tels me so he’ll be ready when I take him to dinner… he never knew about dinner plans. no one knew. It was a surprise. He just expected I would!!
So I blindfold him and put him in my car to take him to his moms to see his car.. The first thing he says is "oh theres water spots on the hood. The inside is a mess"… Um excuse me??? I spent an hour detailing it and dressing it up…
Basically he didnt appreciate anything I did this whole week for him, and doesnt seem to realize I’m going through a hard time as well, dealing with his fathers death, him, and other family members additudes.
I spent almost the whole day crying out loud in the car to myself cause I felt like I wasted all this time trying to make him happy and celebrate our anniversery. I’m frious that all he thinks about when he sees our wedding cake is his dad. Why am I so selfish and how can I understand the terrible feelings he seems to be having????

sorry this is so long!
He refuses to go to counseling. I understand he must be going through a very hard time, I don’t need my father to die to realize that. I just dont want to feel selfish and want him to think of me on our anniversery.

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The night before this happened he took me to a nice dinner, asked me to go on a weekend getaway with him and talked about our future together. But then when we got home he started getting into this whole deal about how I have too many guy friends, I can’t be trusted and there’s too many things that need to be changed if we were to be together. He then called me out on being sexually insecure, got upset with me because I wouldn’t have sex with him and became distant, but then wanted to cuddle. Then! in the beginning of the next day he told me that he missed me via text and at the end of the day I text him about our weekend getaway and he said he might be busy. And I never heard from him again. WTF??t!!! And why didn’t he have the decency/balls to explain what was going on instead of disappearing.

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eto pa hehehe

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Okay, here’s the deal…hubby’s birthday is this Sunday. He will be 48…but thinks like a mid-30ish kinda guy. Friday night I’m having about 4 other couples meet us at Hooters…he doesn’t know anything about this…for some wings (titties) and beer. Yes, every man’s dream. 🙂 My question is what to do the rest of the weekend. A weekend getaway is near impossible due to other commitments. I’ve asked him what he wants to do but that’s like pulling teeth. I was thinking about a couple’s massage but would that be more for us rather than him? Guys and gals please help me out here. Thanks!!

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Gasp! USAirways checked baggage fee! WTF!?

I recently booked a trip on USAirways to Las Vegas for a first time visit weekend getaway from the kids with my husband. I searched all night long, for the best deal, and found USAirways to have the lowest rate. So….

We are flying this weekend 5/8, and I go to print my confirmations, when I run into the "Checked baggage fee" information! Whoah!

So you mean to tell me that my husband and I will be paying a whopping bucks just to bring clothes to Vegas? I could have used that bucks on a different flight with another carrier who doesn’t do this! Hell, we could have driven to Vegas had I known! I haven’t flown since hmm, 2002 so I obviously have no idea about the new fee. That should have been blinking in red lights while I was making the reservation. LOL

Sure, we could just bring two carry-ons, but guess what? We can’t store our extra batteries for our camera on a carry-on, we can’t even have lotion, or any liquids like cologne. So in a sense, it kind of forces you to check your baggage, or else pay an arm and a leg in Vegas for these items.

I feel duped. Here I am 4 days before my "fun getaway" weekend in Vegas, and now I have to deduct bucks out of our already limited funds for the weekend, not to mention not being able to get a refund, and it being too late to find another airline. I’m so mad!

Just wanted to vent.

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Finally got a few days to unwind from work. Plan on getting on blogtv saturday, watch for a vid!

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Here’s the deal: Im from Montreal, and every summer i plan a weekend getaway (3 days) with my bf. We have driven down to hampton beach, boston, atlantic city, and of course have been to new york a few times… we dont know where to go this year! we would like a nice beach (or nice big lake), with stuff to do around… shopping, restaurants, boardwalk… any suggestions would be VERY appreciated!! Some ppl are suggesting cape cod, but i dont feel thrilled about the idea… unless u can convince me 🙂

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Ojays winter weekend getaway 0001

Weekend Getaway with Ojays in PA. Trip includes Roundtrip transportation, Hotel for 2 nights, 4 all you can eat buffet style meals, 12 hours of open bar, concert with Ojays and the Ladies of Skyy, Comedy Show, Pool Party and shopping pree

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