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A friend of mine recently moved to Florida a month or two ago. My fiance and I told her we were going to look into taking a weekend getaway to go see her (we live in PA)..but the plane tickets were 0 EACH which is well beyond what we wants to spend for 2 days away right now.

She was supposed to come to PA in December, but told me today that "she is canceling the trip because she wants her friends to come see her FIRST because she ‘always’ jumps when people want her to"

2 things bother me about this: #1) No, she doesnt always ‘jump’, as a matter of fact when she was living in NY it was ME who traveled to see HEr and #2) Not for nothing, but her fiance has a GREAT job, where she doesnt even have to work at all. where her other friends are in college AND working full time.

She wants to know if we are coming to see her in November. She knows we recently fell into some money, which was used to pay off debt & honestly we have nothing left of it, but we are debt free! what to do

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