Sign Up for Email Newsletter for our Insider SECRET update videos! SUBSCRIBE It’s amazing how things break down when you aren’t in a rush for time like so many others. Not having a set schedule offers so may opportunities to save money and be frugal. It allows you save large amounts of money for public transportation. You can literally take the whole day to arrive somewhere and get reading or computer work done. It also allows you spend quality time with friends and business contacts that many just don’t seem to have time for. In fact, when I hang out with my “time deprived” friends, they always seems to be a rush to go somewhere, watch something and of course, spend lots of money. I have noticed that the more time I spend, in the best places in California, Dana Point, San Clemente, Carlsbad, Encinitias, San Diego in the Summer, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Oak Glenn, in the fall/winter the less money I seem to spend and waste. Two Downloadable DVDs Coming Soon! 1. How to Make Money Online & Become a Google Adsense Youtube Partner 2. 10 Steps to prepare your family for the Economic Meltdown! Palm Springs is the perfect long weekend getaway for the winter weary. Steeped in old Hollywood charm, (think Frank Sinatra), this desert oasis located 111 miles east of Los Angeles promises vistas of majestic mountains and miles of incredible bright blue sky year

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