Traveling to Boise to get away for an annual girls weekend of shopping, pedicures, and girl time. I love Boise, Idaho…I may live there one day!! HA! Sorry there was no styling included in this vlog!! We got in trouble for filming, and put the camera away like good kittens! Styling videos to come!! XO Follow me! fbook: and twitter: SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE SUBSCRIBE to HEYKAYLI SUBSCRIBE to MIYA SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA ___ mom, mother, travel, Idaho, kittens, airport, Facebook, email, hotel, competition, vegetables, chicken, noodles, pregnant, fortune, cookies, earrings, shopping, chocolate, tooth brush, Easter, legs, gross, Leyendecker, dinner, dancer, makeup, pizza, lunch, organic, natural, favorite, story, styling, St. Patrick’s Day, monster, truck, son, baseball, Wii, Nintendo, mom, dad, parents, singing, song, playing, game, army, men, excited, CarlieStylez

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