Have you ever wondered how the food we eat is produced? Have you ever thought if the food you are eating is just a bunch of chemicals put together or is naturally produced? It is not just about being aware of the ecosystem but getting closer to the nature, experiencing it and being a part of it. This organic farm, Green acres is a place I would personally recommend to each and everyone with a soft corner of nature! Excellent outdoor camping site, you can also try out farming. But let me warn you, this is not so called “fun camping”. Here you have tents as they are suppose to be and not with air conditioner fixed! And yes if you are interested in trying your hand in farming, be ready to get to soiled and sweaty! But staying here is not just about farming. The feeling of having a star studded clear sky above you when you fall asleep literally counting the stars is beyond explanation! But what I loved the most was waking up in morning with the sound of birds chirping and cool breeze caressing you. Or was it a ride on tractor? Or the visit to village? I am still undecided on what I enjoyed the most! You won’t get a three course meal here but the food provided here is simple and made from organically grown vegetables and crops. And believe me it was out of the world. all of us ate almost double our capacity! You can go for various activities as well. Rock climbing, nature walks, bird watching, star-gazing are few which will interest you for sure. The company of Simba, the dog

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