So I’m looking into getting a car… Kind of going for the 2011 Volkswagen Golf 2dr 2.5 Litter Engine, but idk if I should get manual or Tiptronic. I’ve never driven a manual, but I’ve always wanted to learn. I’ve driven my friend’s 2007 Mercedes C230 which comes with tiptronic… When on Auto is fine, but on Tiptronic is kind of slow during the shifts… Also what about L.A traffic and hills? I’m from South Florida, I’ve driven all over the place and I don’t think traffic is bad at all unless there’s like a random thunder storm or a really bad accident on the highway… I’m going to be attending UCLA soon, so I’m moving to L.A. I will probably be living somewhere on West Hollywood, which is a relatively close drive to campus… Then the occasional weekend getaway (Beach, near by cities, etc) I enjoy driving, I find any excuse to get behind the wheel… Let me know any thoughts or opinions. Thanks

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