Getting married October 6th. but we technically went on our honeymoon already:

I got laid off in June. We were pretty well along with the wedding plans, and I knew I would not be out of work long, so we decided to go on our honeymoon to Vegas before I got a new job (so I wouldn’t have to take off too much time so soon for the wedding and honeymoon). I got a great new job and we are pretty much done with the wedding planning, but we don’t want to just get married on Saturday, come home then go back to work Monday morning.

Do you have any suggestions for a nice, little weekend getaway?

We live in Richmond, VA and are willing to drive as far north as Maryland or as far south as NC or something. I would prefer to come back to work on Monday (since I just started), but it wont be a big deal if we extend our little getaway till Wednesday or something. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance everyone!

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