ive been upset for a while now and i dont know how to make it okay or better i feel alone a lot and constantly hurt. im 17 and i live with my mom. my family is basically split apart.. i go to my dads on weekends sometimes and have a step brother. my father and step mother are both alcoholics which is hard to see them like that all the time.. and on top of that one of them is a cocaine addict. my step brother who i tried to get to know better as i got older has hurt me more than my parents can ever, yet i still love him but don’t understand why. my father’s side of the family really hurts me all the time when i go over there but ironically i love to go there because my mother is constantly making me clean and constantly yelling at me about my declining grades and other things. she also doesnt believe in me which is hard. so basically my dads house is a getaway from my mother but also sucks there. i dont know what to do. i feel so outa place all the time. i have some cllose friends at school but my school is small and ive encountered many fake people that just hurt you also. i dont know what to do, should i not go to my dads and just deal with my mother or should I continue to go to dads and hope it gets better.

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