Dated a guy for 4 months. Things were going really well. We talked daily, went out every weekend. Really nice to each other. No sex yet but lots of affection. Met his family and friends. 3 weeks ago he stopped talking to me after some tension about the status of the relationship as we were about to take a 3-day romantic getaway. I was ready to take it to the next level but he seemed unsure, so I asked for a rain check but still wanted to date. 10 days went by no word from him. I reached out to him; no response. Assuming things were over, a few days ago I left a voicemail saying I’m coming over to get my things back. That got him to call. I let it go to vmail. He said he won’t be there, but owes me a conversation, he’ll return my things, and will call me back. Don’t know what he’s up to. Disappearing for 3 weeks without being honest about what’s going on is a HUGE deal breaker for me. It’s over for me. What should I do at this point?

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