I want to take my honey away for the weekend but I’m not sure where. The #1 place I want to go is the Poconos..but he wants to go there as a married couple (what’s taking him so long..I don’t know!! That’s another post..lol)..so the Poconos are out. We could stay in New York City (but because we are from the area and work there..that doesn’t seem all that "special").

Any ideas on where to go?? We would leave on Friday afternoon and come back home Sunday morning. Thanks!

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My weekend getaway…funny shit!

My girlfriends man acting the fool…Let’s play along! LMFAO!

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the anniv. of my 1st childs death is coming up over thanksgiving so I thought I’d go for a little vacation so as not to get too depressed (if possible) saw a good deal on a weekend in new orleans. I have always wanted to go but am a bit worried about traveling alone.

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My boyfriend & I want to go away for a long weekend. We’re thinking late March or early to mid April. We live in NYC & don’t want to go too far, Florida is probably our furthest. Are there any warm, beachy places that are good for couples just looking to relax?


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My husband and I have had an argument and he is in denial about several things. He thinks I am being too emotional and refuses to see how his actions have affected me.

What strategies have some of you used to make your husbands aware of his mistaken ways?

This a general background overview to what we are going through:

We have been married for over 4 years. My mother-in-law has come for the holidays from overseas and he hasn’t seen her for a while. She is staying for three weeks in a hotel because I do not know her that well and have only met once in the past. She does not mind staying in a hotel and my husband told her that "it’s a cultural thing."

She has come around and is now much nicer to me than she was in the past when my husband and I were dating. For this reason I am spending a lot of time with her – almost comparable to the time that my husband is spending with her. We are very very hospitable, giving, nice, and loving towards her and she is more than happy with the way everything is being played out.

Before she decided to come, I have planned a weekend getaway to Niagara and I made reservations at the best hotel. I had to postpone the stay already once because my husband said that the “weather” wasn’t going to be in our favour since there was a snowstorm forecasted. This wasn’t a big deal since we were going there by train (not by car) and we weren’t planning to leave our hotel anyways since it’s cold outside and we have a view of the falls from our hotel room.

What made me completely devastated is that he asked that the trip be postponed again and he said that either I can go there alone or I can go with my friends. He also said that he feels “bad” that his mom is getting me “gifts” & “spending all this money one me.” For this reason it may not be good to leave her for the weekend (although she keeps on telling him to go, wants him to respect me and treat me properly). She is happy that we are married and doesn’t want to intrude.

I think that he feels indebted to her because she is taking us out for dinner. She is financially well-off and can afford it, but I am certainly not a materialistic person (and he doesn’t doubt this). I have savings of my own and do not need or want anything, and neither do I propose that I need anything. I am very appreciative of everything, thankful, respectful, and do not expect anything in return. If this is going to cause such a problem, I told him to tell her not to get me more things for Christmas & made up the story for him to tell her that my family wants to get me the same things (she was planning to get me a cell phone because I lost mine on my way to get her from the airport when she came a week ago).

I don’t think that my husband is handling the balance between marriage and family well. I don’t want to postpone the trip because my holidays will be over and I will be very busy once they are over. We never went on a trip before as a couple & we never really had a honeymoon either.

In all other aspects, he is a loving & caring person and we get along great together. He also has a ‘denial’ personality and won’t realize that he has hurt me a lot until some time passes by & once he forces himself to really think about things. He usually opts not to carefully analyze the consequences of his actions & finds it easier to believe that he’s right or that I am "mis-interpreting" what he said.

When I tell him how I feel, he tries to tell me that he didn’t want to make my feel bad, although he said what he said. He wants me to get over it quickly and “slide things under the rug.” He takes for granted that I will forgive and forget easily, but he wouldn’t dare to do the same thing to his mother – only to his wife.

What things can I do or say to wake him up and tell him this isn’t okay & treat me with more respect that he treats his family?
I was planning to use this trip to mend some things between us because we have had a rocky past couple of months & years. There was some mistakes on his part and a lot of dishonestly and some trust issues that he is apologetic for. We were also through a series of a lot of misfortune over the past couple of years (accidents, hospitalizations, health issues, many layoffs and job loses, debt, a lot of moving, lawsuits against landlords/employers, etc..you name it), which made it difficult on us, but we pulled through many of life’s major obstacles.

It seems that this Christmas has given us a moment of some sort of stability as a married couple before the holidays end and everything starts up again full-force. We may not be able to spend any vacation time together until next Christmas when we are both off at the same time. We only see each other 2-3 hours a day because of our hectic schedules. I wanted to use one weekend to reclaim some sort of hope for the future.

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My husband & I’s fun weekend getaway to celebrate my birthday. Theme song “Garota de Ipanema” by Eliane Elias.

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Time appart. Is it as important?

My wife’s going to a big city for a weekend vacation with her friends from work. She won’t help plan a weekend getaway with me. The last time I tried she insisted we take the kids so I’m feeling a little bitter. What would you do? How would you deal with life like this?
After all the years together like in Gary’s relationship it has come to this. She doesn’t have a sex drive anymore and I think its part of the reason. I guess people grow apart after a while. Since she told me about her planned trip I told her I was taking out the same amount of cash for myself. I’m starting a bank account so I can save up & get the hell out of town the next time she forgets the priorities in our marriage. I now know why some men stray. I used to hate them, but now I find I can empathize with them. Sad really. Thanks for the advice all.

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I have a romantic birthday weekend getaway planned for my special someone. Champagne in a cabin on the lake with massage therapy and horse back riding… the works…

The thing is he sometimes works on the weekend. So I’m in a bind, surprise him before the birthday which would kind of ruin the surprise but most likely guarantee that he’ll be available for the weekend or do I wait until the birthday and surprise… which could conflict with his planned work weekend?. What to do?!?!

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Romantic Getaway Ideas?

My boyfriend and I decided to plan a trip for our Christmas gifts to one another this year. We are having a hard time finding the perfect place to visit. We’ve been thinking Monterey, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, or Bodega Bay. I’m having a hard time finding a nice inn for a good deal. I just want it to be a memorable weekend. Do you have any suggestions as to which spot to visit and where to stay. Right now I’m looking into the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa, but it’s a little pricey. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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