I have feelings for this girl… We’ve known each other for several years. She is on and off again with this other guy for the past 2 years. During the off times we do stuff and have a good time together. When I ask her where things are at with this relationship with this other guy, she just says it is "complicated" and nothing further. He treats her terrible and her parents even told him that he doesn’t deserve their daughter. Now I hear that she is going on a weekend getaway with him, but when I ask her what she is doing this weekend she just says she is going away with some friends. She doesn’t even tell me that she is doing stuff with him! Is she just trying not to hurt me or what’s the deal? I’m open to anyone’s comments/advice on the situation.

I should also mention that after her parents told him that he didn’t deserve her he has been calling her constantly. She overlooks the fact that they had to tell him to do stuff with her and call her.

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